CGMagazine Issue 44: The Best of 2021/22


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About CGMagazine Issue 44: The Best of 2021/22

CGMagazine had a very exciting 2021 with the Best of 2021/22 wrapping up in January, and Game of the Year voting concluding. This month, CGMagazine will be releasing the Best of 2021/22 print issue, highlighting all the best movies, games, tech and more from the last year.

The Best of 2021/22 event was bigger than ever this year, with the addition of many different categories. There were plenty of winners across the board, such as HUAWEI with Best Monitor 2021/22, and Marvel with Spider-Man: No Way Home winning Best Movie 2021. The “Best of” event also saw the addition of new awards like the Top Games 2021 by Category, with games such as Life is Strange: True Colors winning Best Adventure Game, and Far Cry 6 winning Best Shooter

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